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This site does not need one. BUT, to satisfy the slander WOT, it is: This site uses no cookies, and no private data is collected or given out. Simple when a privacy policy is not needed!

Cornerstone report: Fukushima SABOTAGE!

IMPORTANT: your Paypal transaction ID will now be your access code for the online files. The old method will still work for anything prior to October 30.

New this month -

Your donation through Ebay can get you either a plaster casting replica of a Mayan calendar stone, or an at least partially hand carved calendar stone in real stone. If you intend to donate more than $75 wait until Nov 1 when the Ebay auctions are up. Ebay still will not allow enough auctions to put them all up at once, but I will at least be able to post five nicely done calendar stone replicas. Four of them will be simple but nicely done plaster castings, But one of them will be an extremely well done replica, in real stone, that would be suitable as a display piece in a fine museum. My guess is that in a high class boutique in America, it would sell for about $1000. Opening bid on Ebay will be $100 for this item, so if you intend to donate that much, I'd take a shot at getting this. This will be nicely described and posted on Nov 1.


To donate, choose an option below. I am trying to circumvent problems by using the normal Paypal purchase procedure for this. I do not know how well this will work.

If you already did one of the online versions, I will figure it out and give you access to this month's online files which are not done yet because I have been very busy. This months files will be a well done summary of the CD version of conspiracy files volume 3. It is really important info that should not be missed.

Conspiracy files volume 1 CD

These are the original conspiracy files from the first release, which include the hearst tower, the DC vents, and the Alamo. Any donation here will get them shipped to you on CD, in greater detail than the online version. This is only being done to provide an exchange of an item to help circumvent missing donations. To those who help, thanks!

Conspiracy files volume 1


Conspiracy files volume 1 online

This (below) is for the online version of the conspiracy files above. This has only been done to provide something in exchange to help circumvent missing donations. These files are great, but I'd have probably published them soon anyway.

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Tula Giants conspiracy files online, volume 2.

The Tula Giants were carved by the Toltec civilization, which came after the Mayas and before the Aztecs. They represent four Toltec warriors, and have a secret few people know about.

This is for the Tula Giants conspiracy files, volume 2. This was done before the DVD was ready. The CD when done will have a nice look at the actual site on video, but two hours of video well done and arrange simply is not on the schedule now. These conspiracy files online still make the same point however. And once again, this is only being done to circumvent missing donations which this site needs to survive. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Conspiracy files volume 2


Conspiracy files volume 3 on CD.

This was done because I did not have a CD release for volume 2, and this was ready to go. It has what I consider to be the most damning of all conspiracy files, it is a sequence of photographs of a publication I can't even mention on this site. You'll get great info with this, as well as be made aware of a great publication you should subscribe to if it still exists. This is only being done to help circumvent donation intercepts, thank you very much for your help.

Conspiracy files volume 3